Room Additions in San Clemente, CA

Room Additions in San Clemente, CA

Our expert craftsmen can add Rooms to your existing home.

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Recently, millions of homeowners across the country have shown renewed interest in remodeling their homes. This trend has been confirmed by Houzz, a popular home modeling platform that has seen a 58% uptick in project leads over the past year.  

There’s a common misconception among homeowners that they’re better off moving to a new house rather than beginning a remodeling project in their existing home. In most cases, however, it’s the opposite.

 ARC Construction’s all-star team of home construction professionals can install an addition that will increase your home’s value and exceed all expectations of what you think is possible with an addition construction project.


Our Services

ARC is a family-owned, professionally licensed construction business that adopts the policy of doing things the right way. Our highly-touted employees provide OC residents with a wide range of professional services. Here are a few services we offer:


Home Improvement – Let us handle your home improvement needs such as painting, drywall, and other miscellaneous small projects.


Remodeling – We can turn that vision you have of building a dream addition to your home into a reality. We specialize in modernizing add-ons to homes to give our customers the look and feel they desire.


Repair – If there’s any damage to your home, our repair team will save you time and money by offering affordable, efficient care that’ll eliminate the need to locate and install a replacement part.


We’re also very stringent when it comes to cleaning up after our addition construction is complete. Our clients have praised our ability to leave your home in picturesque condition.


Why Us?

ARC Construction is a team of relentless workers that take every job seriously. You’re putting your faith in us, and we never take that for granted. That’s why we’ve ensured that all of our employees are fully capable of handling any task thrown their way.

 Our knowledgeable, hard-working craftsmen provide incredibly fast turnaround times with the highest-quality results. We’ll work together to find the most affordable budget for your addition construction project, big or small.

 We’re always on site to provide innovative solutions, as well as to help resolve any permitting issues. With us, you can rest assured of having hired a team that can do it all. Because of this, we rarely hire outside subcontractors to work with us. Instead, you get a small focused team of experienced professionals that’ll cater to your every need.

Contact Us Today to Discuss your Addition Project!

We are the premier remodeling team for Orange County homeowners. We’ve honed and passed down our craft to multiple generations of the Carreiri family.

 A home addition project is something you and your family need to be done right. Our team would love to discuss how we can benefit those with the desire to add on to their home.

 If you’re looking to add value to your Orange County home, use the contact form down below to get in touch with us. We’ll even give you a free estimate! 

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About Us

We have 30 years of combined father and son experience, in both Arizona and California. Vito Carrieri started as a craftsman back in Italy and perfected his craft over 30 years including custom homes and commercial projects. It is his attention to detail and love of the wood that he first began with that inspired his son Anthony to follow in his footsteps and maintain his father’s strict policy of never cutting corners and doing things as he would say, “the right way.” Working under his father for the last 25 years, Anthony has seen it all. We choose our employees carefully and our subcontractors are only used under strict supervision. Whether it is a room addition, patio, second story addition, complete renovation or just simple repair work, choosing our company will assure your work is done in a timely manner as well as assuring your project is of the highest quality. As a family-owned business, we are personally committed to fairness with our customers and excellence in our craftsmanship. Our extensive background with each of the trades assures you, the homeowner, the best return for your home improvement dollar.

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